Placements are an essential part of the training. It provides the opportunity to experience the role of dramatherapist, under the safety, guidance and support of a qualified supervisor. That way you will be able to apply knowledge to practice, be better equipped and feel more confident when you start practicing the dramatherapy profession after you graduate.

In the first semester of your third year of training, you will begin your placements. You have to undertake three different placements in health, social service or educational contexts, during which you will have to facilitate 300 hours of group and individual dramatherapy sessions with adults and adolescents with mental health problems, learning disabilities and on the autistic spectrum, elderly clients with dementia, children with challenging behaviour. 

The placements’ institutions/organizations can be at your place of residence and you will be responsible for arranging them, with the support of Epineio. Throughout this time, you will work alongside individual and group supervision (150 hours). Some of the supervision sessions will be held online.