The name of the Sesame indicates the importance of the use of myths and fairy tales as means to the healing process. The name Sesame comes from the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, where Ali Baba manages to open the sealed cave shouting the password: Open Sesame! This magical phrase leads him to discover the treasures hidden in the dark. Accordingly, the Sesame approach can be perceived as the key to open the door to communication and connection with our inner world and thus promote a creative dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious. Through the telling and enactment of a myth, it aims to awaken and explore our inner world in an indirect way, based on the healing properties of the symbolic image and the dramatic distance.

In this module, you will experientially explore the world of archetypes and symbols of myths, stories and fairy tales. This process is performed within the specific structure of a Sesame session, consisting of the phases: Warm-up, Bridge in, Main event, Bridge out and Grounding. The theoretical basis that governs this mode of work, is none other than the work of Jung and later analysts who commented on and developed his work like Hillman, Pedraza, Von Franz and the mythologist Joseph Campbell.