"Moving my body, my soul moves" Experiential-educational workshop with Petro Theodorou

Epineio - Κινώ Το σώμα, Κινείται η Ψυχή μου - Βιωματικό - εκπαιδευτικό εργαστήρι με τον Πέτρο Θεοδώρου

This workshop, with its title inspired by the poem "De Rerum Natura" (by George Themelis), focuses on the importance of constantly "speaking" to our body world for every aspect of our existence. Today, from very recent breakthroughs in neurobiology, we know a great deal about the amazing ways it is forged in our body's laboratory and at the microstructure level, the raw material of all our experiences. Also, our body is the vault where our self-awareness is created and pulsed throughout life - so self-evident in our minds the ability to feel ourselves as subject and owner of our flowing experience. In addition, even our most aroused emotions are produced by our body, and this is supported by the phenomenon of empathy during our encounters. This workshop is directly concerned with the wider context of dramatic therapy, since only through the co-operation of the body and the mind can we associate our experiences with the structure of a "story" (narrative self), symbolize it, reduce it to abstract and vice versa, building "roles" in our daily lives, etc. The workshop is aimed at both students and practitioners of drama therapy or other approaches, as well as anyone interested in exploring and experimenting with the often-misunderstood grandeur of our material being. The workshop evolves with alternating zones of experiential exercises, small theoretical suggestions, and sharing. It involves movement, interaction and is methodologically based on the Peter Theodorou PSP (Process-Stage-Praxis) approach. Petros Theodorou is a psychotherapist, a member of the E.A.G.T. (of the European Institution for Gestalt Therapy) and certified supervisor. The scope of his work, in Greece and abroad, includes: individuals, couples, organizations, various educational and training programs, self-knowledge groups - psychotherapy - education - supervision, volunteering (detox, teen programs, foundations, prisons, etc.) improvisational action “Playback Theater”. It focuses on existential issues (loss, loneliness, futility, responsibility, choice) as well as love-love-desire relationships. She has been writing systematically for all this (articles, books - Greek and English) and since 2006 has been conducting systematic lectures and experiential self-awareness and psychotherapy groups in Greece and abroad. Sunday, 3 March 2019 Hours: 11:00-19:00 The photograph used for the synthesis of the image is by Etienne-Bertrand Weill (1919-2001)