Theatrical mirroring in dramatherapy. Introduction to Nikolai Evreinov

Epineio - Θεατρικό καθρέφτισμα στη Δραματοθεραπεία. Γνωριμία με τον Νικολάι Εβρέινοβ

What is the mirroring of a theatrical performance in relation to the real life? How theater mirrors life and when is it projecting a distorted image? Beyond that, how do we use this image for therapeutic work in dramatherapy? This workshop illuminates the aesthetics of dramatherapy, focusing on the use of theatrical elements in dramatherapy, the way Evreinov talked about them. It is based on its central concepts of "theater of self" and "monodrama" and includes various play exercises, related to the healing power of the "transformation" instinct. The workshop welcomes people from all professional fields and requires no prior experience in theater or movement. Participants are invited to bring to the workshop an accessory of their choice that they can wear.

Lambros Yiotis has been trained and works in the field linking psychotherapy with dramatic art. He is a Psychiatrist (University of Athens), a Drama Therapist (University of Hertfordshire, PhD in Dramatherapy), an actor (G. Theodosiadis Drama School) and a director. His education includes the London Institute of Psychodrama, seminars on ancient and modern drama in Athens (M. Volanakis, Z. Nikoloudis) and London (RADA, Actor's Center, City Lit) and the playback theater (Leadership & Trainer, Playback Theater Center, New York).

Founder of the Dramatic Expression and Therapy Society "Palmos", where he organized training at Playback Theater and created the first professional playback theater group in Greece ("Playback Ψ", 2004). This group has given over 500 performances in theatrical scenes (New World Theater, Booze, Victoria, Mavromichalis Studio, Pulse), therapeutic frameworks and cultural institutions.

Hours of the workshop:

Saturday 20/1 11:00-16:00

Sunday 21/1 11:00-16:00