The Trickster’s circle in Dramatherapy

Epineio - Εργαστήριο δραματοθεραπείας με τον Richard Hougham - Ο Κύκλος του Κατεργάρη

This experiential workshop will introduce ideas from the trickster cycle and how it can be related to Drama Therapy. Drawing on Jung's ideas of the trickster as an archetypal figure, we will explore dramatic therapeutic techniques and therapeutic applications.

We are undoubtedly going through the trickster era with our exposure to multiple realities and the ambiguous nature of our communication and experiences. In psychotherapy, Trickster’s figure may be problematic, but it nonetheless provides a balance between overly tactical and behavioral approaches. We will work with a story, elements and techniques of character creation and dramatization through a variety of design and inventive methods.

Richard Hougham holds the position of Principal Lecturer at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London, where he holds a master's degree in Drama and Movement Therapy (MA). He is President of the European Consortium of Arts Therapies Education (ECArTE) and author of 'Dramatherapy, Reflections and Praxis', published in 2017 by Palgrave Macmillan Publishing in England. Richard has a keen interest in Jungian psychology, and his research explores the intersections of cultural healing practices and the use of myth and history in the teaching and practice of drama. She is also of particular interest in the development of drama therapy and education in this method in Greece. Please note the workshop welcomes people from all backgrounds to participate and requires no previous experience of drama or movement. Hours: Saturday 3 December 2018 10:00-18:00